Many of the right, and rightly so, would have given up hope that there may still be some sane members left in the Democratic Party.

However, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia may be the beacon of hope that the blue party needs to come back to the center.

Right now, the majority of Democrats are attempting to overhaul the entire process of the United States Constitution and the way the Senate functions, by removing the filibuster process.

However, one Democrat is standing up for how the founding fathers wanted the country to function, and he is Senator Joe Manchin, who has doubled down on his promise to oppose any proposal that wipes away the filibuster.

Joe Manchin’s comments

Whilst appearing on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ show, Manchin made it crystal clear that he would block President Joe Biden’s agenda and prevent the Democrats from ‘blowing up’ the Senate with the removal of the filibuster.

Manchin pointed out that if the filibuster was removed and the Senate operated on a 51-vote threshold, then the democracy in the republic would have been destroyed.

He points out that allowing this to happen would enable the Senate to operate the same as the House, which goes against the intentions of the founding fathers.

He stated that the House wasn’t created to be partisan, but instead, it was ‘designed to be hot as a firecracker,’ with the Senate being utilized to cool things down.

He doubled down, stating that if the filibuster was removed from the Senate, then there would be ‘violent swings’ every time a new party gained control in Congress.

His comments on CNN came shortly after the Senator had published an op-ed against the plans of the Democrats to eliminate the filibuster.

In the piece, he praised the effectiveness of the filibuster process before confirming that he would never vote in favor to eliminate or weaken the age-old process.

Other opposition

This is not the first time that Joe Manchin has been at ‘loggerheads’ with President Biden and his own party.

After opposing one or two of Biden’s nominees to key White House positions, Sen. Manchin has also this weekend launched his opposition to the President’s so-called ‘infrastructure’ bill.

In its current form, Manchin has declared that he cannot support the bill until the President removes the ‘non-infrastructure things’ from the infrastructure bill.

Get that one around your head!

Maybe there is a glimmer of hope that the Democratic party can be saved if America elects more Senators like Joe Manchin, who is willing to stand up to a President that many argue is simply a puppet for the ever-growing far-left side of the dying blue party.