At the end of the 2020 election cycle, the vast majority of Republicans were furious that former President Donald Trump’s leads in key states such as Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia fell overnight, costing him the presidency and allowing President Joe Biden to win.

After the results were projected, Biden came out for his victory speech, claiming that he would be a President for all Americans and that he would not see the political differences in red states or blue states.

Well, what a great fat lie that was.

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki all but confirmed that Biden’s continuous message of unity was an utter lie, and the President’s actions since his inauguration day appear to line up with that belief.

Unity? Well, the President had different plans…

Many would be forgiven for believing that President Biden, a man with nearly half a century’s worth of political experience, would be able to unify the country he has served for most of his life.

His speeches, both after the election and on inauguration day, were very convincing, to say the least, yet everything the President has done has gone against his own unity pledge.

His Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, was asked about Biden’s unity message at the latest White House press briefing.

The reporter pointed out that Biden was yet to meet with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, despite promising in a TV appearance in December that he intends to meet and work with Republican leadership to ‘get things done.’

Psaki was quick to shut that suggestion down, claiming that ‘millions of Americans’ do not care who the President decides to meet with.

The reporter rebuffed this, stating that may be the case, but insisting that millions of Americans do care about the decisions being made by Biden that directly contradicts his now false claims of unity.

He listed off policies from the administration, such as the H.S.1 bill, ending the Senate filibuster, turning DC into a state, and potentially packing the Supreme Court.

We don’t need Psaki to confirm that Biden lied

Psaki struggled for an answer, clearly being put on the spot, and blurting out the first thing that came to her, insisting that the President wasn’t aiming to solve ‘bipartisanship,’ all but confirming that Biden’s unity message was a lie.

Psaki’s claim basically implies that, when making his promise of unifying the American people, Biden was only talking about voters, not the government.

Policies such as H.R.1, court-packing, and eliminating the filibuster are going to divide Republicans and Democrats far greater than ever before, in a political climate that’s already on thin ice.

The President’s lie, coupled with the radical left policies he is pushing, will damage US politics for decades and will allow for another Trump-esque figure to appear and take his place as President of the United States.

A House divided against itself cannot stand.