Despite relentless attempts by the mainstream corporate press to either minimize or ignore the issue, gargantuan waves of illegal immigrants have been flooding across the southern U.S. border for months now.

Border officials do not have nearly enough resources to process all of these people, meaning that many of them — especially quite a few children — are given no choice but to sleep in shabby and overcrowded facilities as they wait to be processed. Moreover, many of these people have been brought to the U.S. by members of drug cartels, meaning that they will likely remain indentured to said cartels after entering the U.S.

When one recalls all of the pious posturings of Democrats over former president Trump’s handling of his own migrant crisis, the fact that Democrats are scrambling to brush what is happening now under the rug makes for bitter irony. It also reveals that Democratic politicians are desperate for power and have no principles.

Even worse, however, is the fact, that U.S. government officials have been caught on camera presenting migrants with envelopes containing documents and money. Said migrants are then boarded onto planes and sent to live in cities across the U.S. Hundreds of thousands have already been apprehended at the border and have entered the country this way.

But for the Biden Administration — which, by any reasonable reckoning, appears to want to demographically alter America as quickly as possible — this is still not enough.

Biden Wants Even More Migrants

According to reports, the Biden Administration will seek to significantly increase the number of migrants that will be coming into the U.S. This is despite the fact that, by all lights, the immigration crisis is worsening, and increasing the number of people coming over will only exacerbate it further.

Indeed, according to CNN, sources within the Biden Administration anticipate having to process and release 2 million migrants into the country this year alone. According to the Washington Examiner, “The Biden Administration anticipates that it will be releasing 400 migrant families into custody a day by mid-June as the influx of people encountered illegally crossing the border overwhelms its detention capacity.”

In April of 2021 alone, it’s projected that 175,000 illegal South and Central American migrants will be taken into custody. Monthly migrant inflows have already hit 20-year highs. And as Project Veritas has exposed, some people from countries like Iran and Pakistan are hiding in the migrant caravans. It is not known whether such people have links to terrorist organizations, but given their countries of origin and the manner in which they are entering the U.S., suspicion is warranted.

Despite all of this, it’s not enough, and the Biden Administration wants more. The elites and left-wing ideologues who surround and control Biden have realized that when you don’t like your own people — when the people you govern object too strongly to your corruption and pose too much of a threat to your power — you can just manufacture a new people.