The movement to recall failing Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom has reached a significant landmark, after passing the required number of signatures need to trigger the next step in the recall process.

According to Shirley Weber, the secretary of state for California, the threshold of verified signatures needed from the petition has passed the 1.5 million needed.

Fox News reported that the total number of verified signatures sat at 1,626,042.

The petition passing this milestone is extremely significant, as it triggers the beginning of a 30-working day period where registered voters will have the chance to withdraw their signature if they so choose.

If the number of signatures is still above the 1.5 million mark, as expected, then the recall will be on the ballot in the upcoming state elections.

Why is Newsom getting recalled?

The recall of Gov. Newsom is purely down to his own incompetency shown since his election.

His handling of the pandemic has been a disaster from the start and has been met with heavy criticism from the state and national media, especially after he was photographed dining indoors with friends last year without wearing a mask, violating his own mask mandate in the state.

The diner in question was The French Laundry, which is an expensive Napa Valley establishment that costs $1,200 per head, with a menu that changes daily with extravagant ingredients.

The state government that Newsom presides over has also faced heavy backlash for its actions over the last year.

Pastor John MacArthur was one of the more vocal critics after the state government knuckled down on churches in the name of public health.

Churches such as the Grace Community Church in LA and the North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara were heavily prosecuted against, as they were fined ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’ for meeting indoors.

Caitlyn Jenner might replace Newsom!

Gov. Newsom is facing stiff competition on the recall ballot later this year after Caitlyn Jenner announced his/her intention to enter the race for the Governor.

Jenner, who has been a permanent resident of California for the last 50 years, stated that the ‘one-party rule’ in the Golden State has had a detrimental effect on the way of life for all Californians and that the state needs a new ‘honest leader with a clear vision.’

The last California Governor to be recalled was Grey Davis in 2003, who inevitably lost to Hollywood superstar and Republican member Arnold Schwarzenegger.