Kamala Harris to Meet with President of Mexico to Discuss Pathway to Citizenship

Vice President Kamala Harris is finally going to address the current immigration crisis at the border by meeting with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The meeting will happen virtually on May 7 as the crisis at the border continues to get worse.

Details of Meeting

Harris and Obrado are reportedly going to discuss the Mexican president’s idea to exchange work in Mexico planting trees for U.S. citizenship. Obrador wants to offer a pathway to citizenship through a plan that would plant 1 billion fruit and timber trees. Those participating in the program would be granted six-month work visas to the U.S. that could eventually lead to citizenship. According to Obrador, this would also address poverty and climate change issues.

Earth Day Proposal

News of Obrador’s proposal broke during the Biden administration’s Earth Day climate summit last week. The program would cost approximately $3 billion while creating 1.2 million jobs. Obrador is asking the U.S. to fund the Planting Life program that is currently taking place in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Obrador wants to extend this program into southeastern Mexico and in other parts of Central America. The president believes that this plan would address some of the root causes of the immigration issue.

Harris’ Action on the Border

Despite the ongoing border crisis, Harris has not made any trips to the region since Biden put her in charge of dealing with the issue. The vice president said that the continuing COVID-19 crisis is keeping her stateside, claiming that she will travel to the border later this summer.