Interview Between TIME Magazine and Georgia Secretary of State

TIME Magazine attempted to fact-check Georgia’s Republican secretary of state on Monday with mixed results. The left-leaning magazine was trying to ascertain whether Brad Raffensperger believes that Stacey Abrams conceded the 2018 gubernatorial race in Georgia.

Interview With TIME

In a much-anticipated interview that was published on Monday by TIME, Raffenspberger said that Abrams did not concede defeat, resulting in a loss of confidence by constituents in the election integrity of the Peach State.

In the interview, Raffenspberger also said that Abrams has been able to collect millions of dollars from supporters who believe the claim that the election was stolen from her when she lost to current Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.

TIME Fact-Checks Raffenspberger

Seemingly unable to deal with Raffenspberger’s assertions, TIME took it upon themselves to add an asterisk at the end of the story. The accompanying note was an attempt to discredit what Raffenspberger said about Abrams.

The asterisk was so subjective that Raffenspberger’s own communications director complained to TIME about the statement, leading to the magazine acknowledging that Abrams had not conceded the race.

Problems in Georgia

Georgia has been under the gun over the last few years as it continues to deal with issues in its state’s election system. Both Democrats and Republicans have alleged improprieties over the years.

Most people are aware of the issues that resulted during the 2020 presidential election when President Joe Biden escaped with a narrow win over former President Donald Trump, leading to much controversy about the integrity of the election. In addition, Kemp came under fire during his own gubernatorial election after he purged voter rolls while serving as Georgia’s secretary of state.