As his ongoing social media ban continues, former President Donald Trump now uses his own ‘Office of the 45th President of the United States of America’ to issue statements that relate to issues of his interest.

Earlier this week, the President sent out an email from his office to his supporters, giving his thoughts on the current election audit process that is taking place in the state of Arizona, a state that the Republicans narrowly lost in the 2020 election.

The audit is taking place in Maricopa county, with his statement addressing the news that the DNC has sent over 100 lawyers to attempt to stop the ongoing audit.

Does that scream guilty?

Trump’s statement

Trump’s statement gets straight to the point, labeling the Democratic Party as insane for their actions regarding the audit.

He states that the reason why the DNC has sent over 100 lawyers to attempt to stop the Arizona Senate-sponsored audit is that they know what result will come back, and they won’t like it.

In fairness, why would the Democratic Party go to such lengths to stop a single audit in a single county if they’re certain there was no foul play involved?

He went on to state that the audit being conducted is entirely independent, so there will be no bias for either side on the issue, something that he believes the Democrats are terrified of.

He points out that the Democrats believe if this county uncovers election fraud, then many others will, something which the former President believes will back up his theory of widespread election tampering.

Trump concluded his statement by claiming that the people of Arizona were angry with the current leadership on show, as well as the rest of the country.

He proclaimed that America deserves to know the truth about the 2020 elections.

The actions of the DNC against the audit in Arizona do not put them in a good light, simply because the question needs to be asked of why would the party send 100 lawyers to force a stop to an audit in a single county?

Their actions scream guilty, especially after the DNC and the mainstream media spent months after the election proclaiming absolutely no election fraud occurred, which is easily disprovable.