Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina delivered the official GOP response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, where he lived up to Biden’s failed promise of unity.

The Senator addressed listeners and viewers gracefully and elegantly, keeping a calm head as he disputed many of the President’s talking points in his address.

The response

Senator Scott didn’t waste any time by attempting to score cheap political points, as he gave the GOP response with immense dignity.

He opened his speech by paying respect to the President, labeling him as a ‘good man.’

However, he didn’t hesitate as he looked to hold the President to account.

Scott examined the promise the President made when he first took office, the promise of unity, the promise of cooling the political climate in the United States.

He stated that in the three months since the President took office, his actions and the actions of his party have pulled the American people further apart.

He then spoke about what experiences he has endured as an American citizen who grew up in poverty, who climbed the class ladder to make it into Congress and make a real difference to his country.

He linked his background with the Covid-19 pandemic, expressing his sorrow as he witnessed the virus ‘attack every rung of the ladder that helped me up.’

Then he moved onto schools, an institution that has suffered greatly thanks to the endless state lockdowns up and down the country.

Scott points out that some of the worst affected by the pandemic have been school children, who have lost the best part of a year out of their much-needed education.

He delivers a classy line that sums the situation up perfectly, stating that by locking school children out of education, then they are locking adults out of their future.

Disunity in Congress

Scott then moved onto more political matters, as he continued to expertly analyze the issues with President Biden’s unity pledge.

He highlights that, under the Trump Administration and Republican leadership in the Senate, Congress came together on 5 occasions to pass bipartisan bills to aid the American people and save the economy.

He states that all 5 bills received 90 or more votes in the Senate, a Senate that was truly unified in helping the people they represent.

Under this line of past Congress unity, Scott went on to look into the bills that Biden and the Democrats have been attempting to shove through Congress, causing a massive split down the middle.

He highlights the Covid relief bill and the infrastructure bill, both of which come with what Scott describes as a ‘partisan wishlist.’

Scott accuses the infrastructure bill of shrinking the economy, before claiming the President had abandoned principles that he had held for decades, all to soothe the Democrat’s far-left agenda.

He wrapped up his response by highlighting racial issues, expressing the fact he, as an African American, has experienced ‘the pain of discrimination’, without dwelling on it, or blaming anyone for it.

Stop using race as a political weapon

Senator stated that, in 2015, he wrote a bill to fund more police body cameras.

Last year, he wrote a bill to reform the police after the death of Breonna Taylor, however, the Democrats used the same filibuster that they’re trying to destroy to block the bill from even being debated.

He concluded by saying that race cannot be used as a political weapon by either side, as the Democrats are presently attempting, and insists that the American family is yet to see their finest hour.

Senator Scott’s response to the President’s SOTU address was incredibly dignified, powerful, and inspiring, containing a true message of unity that the President has failed to live up to.