Governor Gretchen Whitmer isn’t one to shy away from the controversial spotlight, but this time she might be a little bit uncomfortable, after investigative journalist Charlie LeDuff revealed to Tucker Carlson on Fox News that she had lied about her reported trip to Florida last month, after telling all resident in her state of Michigan to stay home.

This revelation comes in the wake of reports that she, and two other Michigan state health officials, had taken holidays whilst maintaining the stay-at-home order that currently plagues the lockdown state.

What did the reporter reveal?

LeDuff made the stunning reveal regarding Whitmer’s travels on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show after he had spent several weeks investigating the reported incident and collecting evidence.

Carlson’s segment opens with a clip of Governor Whitmer telling the people of Michigan to ‘do their part’ to stop the spread of Covid-19, including staying at home where possible.

LeDuff then begins to talk about her alleged trip to the Sunshine State of Florida, where he reveals that she had never requested personal police protection during her trip.

LeDuff also reveals that that accompanying her on this trip was her own health director.

Unfortunately for Whitmer, this was not the first time that Michigan state officials had broken her stay-at-home mandate to travel to lockdown-free states.

A recurring issue?

Before Whitmer’s trip to Florida, state media had begun reporting on two of her top health officials, who had left the state they helped to close, to travel to lockdown-free southern states.

Chief Operating Officer Trish Foster was the first to be reported on, having flaunted the lockdown rules she helped create to travel with her family to Florida.

Foster even posted pictures of the trip on her personal Facebook page, with images showing her and her family having a great time with no masks or social distancing, while the people of Michigan remain locked up in their homes.

Shortly after this incident, Whitmer’s head of the Michigan Health and Human Services department, Elizabeth Hertel, traveled to the free state of Alabama for a quick getaway with her family.

At the time, the state of Michigan was suffering under an immense surge of new Covid cases, yet Whitmer refused to hold her two health officials to account.

She stated to the press that she would not get involved in ‘partisan hit jobs on my team,’ whilst claiming that she has no interest in what her officials do in their spare time, even if they are breaking the rules.

No wonder Whitmer didn’t want to get involved, as she was breaking those same rules herself.