President Joe Biden and the Democrats spent the entirety of the 2020 election campaign insisting that there would be no culture war under Democrat rule, yet, the President’s first 100 days prove that they spent the campaign - lying.

The President’s actions and executive orders have sought to roll back basic religious freedoms under the Equality Act, limit women’s rights by pushing the far-left transgender agenda as well as lifting prohibitions on the American taxpayer funding abortions both national and worldwide.

As the President attempts to roll back these basic rights and freedoms, as well as effectively attempting to remove any record of former President Donald Trump, the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) have expressed their grave concern regarding the past 100 days.

ADF Concerns

Matt Sharp, a senior counsel at ADF, has been doing the media rounds to express the groups’ concerns regarding the early days of the Biden presidency.

Within the first day of his term, President Biden signed an executive order that endorsed the arguably radical left belief of having gender identity being used over biological sex.

As a result of this order, schools and colleges up and down the country were forced to open up their girl’s bathrooms to biological boys who identified as women, whilst forcing women to have to compete with biological boys across a variety of sports.

Sharp labeled the order as ‘adopting rules to open up private female spaces for biological men.’

He argued, quite rightly, that this order violated basic women’s rights to privacy and undermined female competitiveness in sport.

He also accused the order of threatening to violate basic religious freedoms and freedom of speech when it comes to dissenting views regarding the transgender ideology.

Sharp and the ADF also expressed grave concern over the actions taken by the Department of Health and Human Services under the guidance of the Biden Administration, as they filed a court appeal to an Obamacare mandate which would force Roman Catholic health care providers to violate their Hippocratic Oath by performing experimental transgender procedures that many doctors believe to be harmful.

The research supports this view, with transgender surgeries leading to an increased risk of cancer, heart conditions, and loss of bone density.

Sharp then moved on to discuss the dangers of the Equality Act and abortion funding.

He stated that the current version of the Equality Act will roll back religious freedoms that were previously protected by the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

He stated that, if Congress passes Biden’s Equality Act, the outcome will allow the federal government to ‘go after’ people’s faith.

The ADF counsel then noted that, under President Biden, abortion funding will increase tenfold, as the President has hinted numerous times that he intends to repeal the Hyde Amendment, as well as previous rescinding the Mexico City policy, which barred taxpayer dollars from going to organizations that promoted abortion.


Multiple lawsuits have been opened up against Biden’s controversial executive order regarding women’s rights and the transgender issue.

Sharp states that the ADF group represented three Connecticut high school girls and their parents that sued the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference for allowing biological boys into women’s sport.

This occurred during the Trump Administration, and the Department of Justice came to the defense of the girls.

Under the Biden Administration, Sharp fears cases such as that one would not be so successful.

Another lawsuit that popped up regarding Biden’s transgender order came from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, who were sued by the Christian College of the Ozarks, as the HUD attempted to implement Biden’s order by forcing schools to open their female dorms to biological males.

ADF represented the College of the Ozarks for this case, stating that the order violated the ‘privacy of the women, and forced the college to violate its religious beliefs.’