After President Joe Biden’s complete bore-fest of a State of the Union address, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina was given the honor of presenting the GOP response to many of the President’s talking points and requests of Congress.

Sen. Scott’s rebuttal was that good that it triggered many on the left, including the media establishment, to go into an absolute frenzy, not being able to compute the sheer brilliance of Scott’s display.

So, what exactly did the Senator do to send the entirety of the American left in a meltdown?

Scott’s rebuttal

Senator Tim Scott presented the Republican response to President Biden’s State of the Union address, and it was glorious.

The Senator rebuffed every major Biden talking point, whilst also calmly linking in his own personal experience with life in the United States, addressing the issue of race and racism.

Scott expertly tackled the race issue that is always completely elevated by the far-left of the Democratic party and in the media.

He spoke about his own experiences with racism, even as a sitting United States Congressman, whilst acknowledging that racial bigotry was still an issue faced by the American people.

He even pointed out the numerous times that members on the left side of the aisle, who are supposed to pure and accepting, were the worst when it came to racial slurs; calling him the N-word and labeling him as an ‘Uncle Tom.’

Despite this, he stated that the United States of America was not a racist country.

Naturally, this enraged the far-left, who attempt to use race and identity politics to ensure that Americans feel oppressed so they can push their lunatic agenda.

The Left’s reaction

Due to the content spoke about in Scott’s rebuttal, the far-left absolutely lost their minds over it, “Uncle Tim” was among the trending hashtags on Twitter for a few hours, before Twitter decided to block it!

The simple answer is that Scott, who is a black conservative, opted to take a sensible approach to the conversation of race and racism in the United States, something which the far-left completely ignore.

Scott’s line of labeling America as not a racist country is what really enraged the so-called progressives, as numerous media figures throughout numerous networks deliberately lied about what Scott was talking about in his response, as they couldn’t think of a proper response of their own.

An idea that the left cannot comprehend is that racism can still exist in the United States without the entire nation being institutionally racist, as the majority of Americans are decent people who are in fact not racist.


However, this didn’t stop media pundits and leftist figures blasting Scott for his comments, claiming that he was implying there was absolutely no racism in the country, which is the opposite of what he was saying, as he spoke from the heart about his own experiences.

Scott’s argument gave the left a mammoth task in debunking, as if they disagreed with his notion, it would mean they would prove that America is an institutionally racist country instead of just saying it.

Of course, the left reached once again for the only weapon used in the fight against the truth - a lie.

Senator Scott did a brilliant job presenting the Republican response to President Biden’s State of the Union address, and with his re-election to the Senate in 2022 looking likely, there is some chatter about a potential 2024 presidential or vice-presidential run.