General Michael Flynn, the former National Security Advisor under the Trump Administration, gave a pretty powerful op-ed on the conservative-leaning news site Western Journal, where he urged the citizens of the United States to start ‘revisiting the original plan’ that the US was founded upon, as the Biden Administration seeks to strip back certain sections of the Constitution and the functionality of the legislative branch.

The creation of government

Flynn starts his thoughts immediately by centering his ideas around James Madison, who was one of the original authors of the Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

He exclaimed that Madison would be ‘turning in his grave’ if he knew what plans President Joe Biden and the Democrats had for the original ideas, values, and practices of the Constitution.

As one of the founding fathers and history student, Madison knew that concreated government power would always lead to tyranny, so he devised a way to control that issue, to ensure the government is challenged at every turn; that being the separation of power.

This led to the creation of the three branches Americans have become very accustomed with; legislative, executive, and judicial.

Flynn states that Madison knew this would result in conflict between the three branches, which is exactly what he intended, as he originally designed the system to limit ‘raw government power’ in order to protect civil liberties.

Many on the left argue that the separation of government powers is a serious flaw in the United States republic, yet this was done in order to protect freedoms from the ‘tyranny of a few.’

He states that Madison intentionally designed the three branches to function independently from one another, whilst operating numerous checks and balances on each other in order to prevent a tyrannical government from gaining too much power.

Now, as President Biden attempts to bend Congress to his will on issues such as gun laws and court-packing, Flynn urges that now more than ever is the time for the American people to revisit Madison’s beliefs and consider the precedent that Biden’s actions are currently setting.

Madison’s beliefs

Like many in the late 18th century, Madison was a very religious man, and he took the teachings of God and the Bible extremely seriously, implementing them wherever he could.

Naturally, these views found their way into the Constitution and are responsible for Madison’s belief that the separation of government powers was a necessity in order to preserve liberty and keep government power in check.

As Flynn explains, the teachings of power separation originate all the way back to Baron de Montesquieu, a French political theorist from the late 17th, early 18th century.

Montesquieu wrote ‘The Spirit of the Laws,’ where he examined how God is the ‘creator and preserver’ but proclaimed that man often violates the laws of God, making them ‘subject to ignorance and error.’

Flynn states that by using this belief that man is imperfect, a government with separated powers will be kept in line and the people of that nation protected from any potential shortcomings.

President Biden’s ‘We The People are the government’ at his State of the Union address was a very concerning remark, since Madison and the founding fathers designed the three branches and the Constitution in order to protect the people from the government and, as Flynn notes, Biden’s comment disregards the very beliefs that the United States of America was founded upon.