New photos released from inside the Veterans Memorial Coliseum show that the state of Arizona is speeding up the audit process for Maricopa County, with the deadline just a short way away.

The photos released on Twitter show that staff worked overtime overnight in order to increase the number of tables being used for the audit from 20 to 46 last week, in their efforts to speed up counting and auditing.

The photos

The photos released show before and after snaps of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum hall where the audit is currently taking place.

Arizona officials have added more tables and yellow t-shirt workers to each zone where the votes are being recounted and checked. The images were released by @ApostleJoelSLW on Twitter, who stated that a ‘handful of tweaks’ have been in the hall, with the addition of new tables, more workers, and a new configuration to the counting process to speed things up.

Why is the audit taking place?

In the aftermath of the 2020 election, former President Donald Trump refused to believe that he had been defeated by Joe Biden, leading him to make numerous claims of significant voter fraud in numerous states where he lost a narrow lead.

Arizona was one of these states, with Maricopa County being put under the magnifying glass after receiving 2.1 million ballots.

The county has already been put under audit multiple times since the election, but this time is different after the audit was ordered by Arizona State Senate Republicans.

Past audits have revealed that there was no significant voter fraud in the county, so many view this decision as a political exercise in order to placate the former President and his supporters.

State Senate Republicans have been recounting ballots over the last few weeks, whilst performing inspections on signatures and the voting machines that were used across the county.

It is not expected that there will be any new evidence revealed, yet the audit continues.

Audit Director Ken Bennett stated earlier in the week, before changes to the hall were made, that the audit is on track to be completed by the set deadline.