If there is a way to wriggle himself out of a tough spot, President Joe Biden will do just that, and likely blame his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, along the way.

First, the President refused to label the situation at the border for what it is; a crisis, and now he has begun to blame Trump for the ongoing nightmare, despite the fact that he revoked many of Trump’s successful border policies on his first day in office, since he and the Democrats deemed them to be ‘racist.’

It seems like a bad joke, right?

Joe the Blamer

Appearing on NBC News Today, the President told host Craig Melvin that Trump Administration refused to share information during the presidential transition, with the Defence Department and immigration being the two main issues.

He stated that hardly any information was shared between the two sides, before going on to state that his team did not know that the former administration had fired numerous staff members in multiple departments, an act that Biden claims left them ‘understaffed.’

The President then claimed that the former administration had failed to prepare for an overflow of illegal immigrants crossing the border, an action he states contributed to the current situation, that he still refuses to label as a crisis.

Joe: 171,000 vs. Trump: 9000!

Fortunately for the President, Melvin refused to ask a follow-up question to his obvious and outrageous lies, or point out the fact that in December 2020, Trump’s last full month in office, border agents only apprehended 9,000 illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border.

For context, the number of illegal immigrants apprehended in March of this year was 171,000.

The President claimed that border authorities were understaffed, yet the same number of staff were able to apprehend close to 200,000 illegals, so the math doesn’t really add up.

The true defining factor that has caused this border crisis, despite whatever lies the President will concoct, were the executive orders taken on his first day in office to roll back many of President Trump’s successful border policies that deterred illegal immigration and made processing speed more effective.

After all, illegal immigrants did not show up with ‘Trump, keep your promises’ T-shirts, which is a good enough indicator of who had what kind of narrative in their campaign.

Biden stated that the Trump administration failed to prepare the border and border towns for an overflow situation.

Of course, Biden forgets that Trump’s policies ensured that such problems did not even exist.

After the 2019 humanitarian crisis, President Trump introduced a variety of new policies in order to allow border agents to regain control and prevent another crisis from manifesting, something that the new administration fails to do.

Biden can no longer ignore the problem

The ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy ensured that border facilities would not be overrun by an influx of migrants, whilst the ending of the ‘catch and release’ policy allowed border officials to process asylum seekers more effectively, deporting anyone who did not qualify for asylum.

President Biden stripped back these policies and, with the help of his rhetoric throughout the 2020 election campaign, caused a mass surge in illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border, resulting in facilities being overrun and small border towns and communities suffering due to the reintroduction of ‘catch and release.’

The actions of the President directly caused this crisis, he knows it and the media knows it, yet neither one wants to admit the truth to the American people who are watching with a careful eye.