Reverend Al Sharpton gave an interesting eulogy at the funeral of the recently deceased Andrew Brown Jr, who was shot dead by police during a stop and search incident.

The Reverend used his opportunity to address the Republican response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address last week, to which he called out Republican Senator Tim Scott for labeling the United States as ‘not a racist country.’

The GOP rebuttal was widely reported and criticized due to Scott’s claim, despite the fact the Senator acknowledged that racism was still happening in the US, even listing off his own examples of times he has been racially abused.

Sharpton’s response

Sharpton argued against Scott’s belief that America is not a racist nation after the Senator claimed it is ‘backwards to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination.’

He also stated that it was dishonest and immoral to use America’s history ‘shut down debates in the present.’, an important thing to note, as Sharpton uses America’s history in an attempt to shut down his argument.

Giving his eulogy, Sharpton stated that it was awkward to see a white President, that being Joe Biden, talking about white supremacy, and a black Senator, that being Tim Scott, claiming that America is not racist.

Now, some may instantly invalidate Sharpton’s case as he goes straight onto the race argument…and they’d be right.

He states that the foundations of America were built on racism, using the history of America to make his case and shut down Scott’s case.

He went onto describe that history, listing off basic things that black people were not able to do due to the law at the time; things such as writing and marrying.

He then goes on to link this to the issues black people face in America today, such as poor education standards and poor health care, labeling this the result of systemic racism.

However, Sharpton’s point goes against the crux of Scott’s original point as previously mentioned, using America’s history and blaming that for present-day issues, a typical trope of the left.

It’s a fact that the majority of American’s are not racist, yet the left continues to blame the history of America whenever a black person suffers a shortcoming.

The Reverend was speaking at the funeral of Andrew Brown Jr, a black man who was killed by police in a stop and search incident.

Brown was shot four times in the arm and once in the back of the head after he backed his car up towards the officers.