The elected Senator for the state of Utah, Sen. Mitt Romney, was met by a hostile crowd at the Utah GOP Convention over the weekend, with the majority of Republicans being known as not the biggest fans of the former presidential nominee.

Mitt Romney’s negative reputation in the Republican Party has grown over the years, as he constantly displayed his disdain and disrespect towards former President Donald Trump, twice siding with the Democrats, voting to convict him in both of the impeachment trials in 2020 and 2021.

Now, it appears the Senator is finally facing the consequences of his actions.

Romney out?

Re-election for Sen. Romney has never looked less secure than it does right now after he was greeted by a chorus of boos at the GOP convention in his home state.

Couple this fact up with the former President Donald Trump returning to the campaign trail this month, Romney might be out of a job in a short year’s time.

Even in his home state, Romney faced the music from his actions over the last few years, as he walked on stage to address the convention, which hosted approximately 2,100 GOP delegates.

He was met by a chorus of boos before he attempted to shift them onto something else, asking the crowd what they thought about President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office.

The heckling of the seemingly outgoing Senator continued after he went on to admit that he wasn’t a fan of the former President’s ‘character issues.’

Little did Romney know, if you’re attacking a de facto Republican leader, you can’t expect the best reception in your own state either.

Some reports even suggested that the word traitor was uttered by several members of the crowd, yet videos released from the event did not pick them up.

Fighting back?

As his opening remarks continued, Senator Romney was visibly concerned and affected by the hostile atmosphere that he received, as he asked the crowd if they were embarrassed.


Bad move.

The booing and heckling increased from that point, with Romney clearly displaying a huge lack of self-awareness to his own actions and rhetoric over the last 4 years.

Romney then went onto list his own GOP CV if you like, stating that his father was the former Republican Governor of Michigan, proclaiming to have been a Republican all his life and citing his 2012 presidential nominee; an election he embarrassingly lost to former President Barack Obama.

The crowd kept up with the booing before outgoing state party chair Derek Brown requested that they stop and show some respect.

No doubtedly, the booing only stopped due to Brown’s request and would’ve carried on if he had remained silent.

Senator Romney knows his time is coming to end, the corporate Republican Party he once led has been toppled, a fact that he seemingly cannot accept.