We all know that Joe Biden has long had a legendary tendency to shoot his mouth off.

On a great many occasions during his presidency, Biden has already said things that his administration later had to scramble to walk back. Biden’s might be the only presidential administration in U.S. history that has said that the president’s own public statements are not to be understood as official positions.

Just think about how many times Biden has paused to say something like, “I better not say this, or I’ll get into trouble.” Trouble from whom? Evidently, the people around Biden are very aware of his tendency to blurt things out and have probably scolded him about it many times behind the scenes.

But also like virtually all politicians, Biden wants to take credit for everything good that happens and doesn’t want to be blamed for anything bad that happens. That requires him and those in his administration to perform a delicate balancing act in which they appear to say concrete things but actually say nothing of definite substance.

That way, when something goes well, Biden can retroactively claim to have encouraged it, and when something goes poorly, Biden can deny ever having been in favor of it.

Sadly, there is nothing new in this. Politicians have been engaging in this kind of doublespeak since there have been politicians.

Still, given that we do now know quite a bit about COVID-19 and how best to mitigate it, his cowardice and incoherence is not only infuriating but actively damaging to the country.

Biden Mumbles and Refuses to Commit to Anything

Originally, Biden campaigned on opening schools sometime within his first 100 days in office. Now, those 100 days have passed and, except for in a few red states whose governors have taken a stand against all of the COVID-madness, schools remain closed.

Now, Biden has begun saying in recent interviews that he hopes high schools can begin opening next year.

What will he say next year?

Anita Dunn, an advisor to Biden said while speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper that she hopes that schools will open up again in September since more and more people are being vaccinated.

However, she of course hedged her bets, also saying that the virus was “unpredictable” and that, therefore, we can’t be sure of when schools will open.

But here’s one thing about the virus that we have abundant evidence for: it’s virtually harmless against school-age children. Whether vaccinated or not, people 18 years of age or under are at essentially zero risk of serious complications. Not only that, but since young people’s immune systems can dispatch the virus quickly, they are extremely unlikely to spread it to others.

Indeed, there’s virtually no evidence of children infecting their teachers or other school staff with COVID-19.

How much longer are we going to deny these obvious truths and treat the nation’s children like rats? How much longer will Biden sacrifice children’s mental health on the altars of political expediency and his lust for power?

And why aren’t Republicans hammering Biden on this relentlessly?