Liz Cheney is in hot water with her party, causing many in the political world to believe that she will be stripped of her leadership duties within the US House of Representatives. As the House GOP conference chairman, Cheney is the third-ranking member of the Republican Party in this chamber of Congress.

However, she is continuing to put this leadership position at risk as she moves away from former President Donald Trump and his supporters. Cheney has repeatedly criticized Trump and other Republicans for pushing what she calls “The Big Lie” conspiracy that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

McCarthy Stepping In

Cheney first ruffled feathers within the ranks of her party when she voted to impeach Trump after his alleged role in the January 6 riots at the US Capitol. At the time, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy did not take away his support from Cheney. Instead, he chose to stand in unison with her in an effort to protect the party from infighting.

However, McCarthy now appears to be done with siding with Cheney. Aides to McCarthy said on Tuesday that there is no way that Cheney will be able to keep her post in the party. The House is expected to vote on the issue on May 12.

Republicans Defense

Party leaders have long urged Cheney to stop the anti-Trump rhetoric and to put her focus on issues that serve to unite Republicans rather than divide. Some believe that Cheney is simply using rhetoric to position herself for a run at the presidency in 2024.