President Joe Biden gave a very interesting and heartful speech last week as he commemorated the 50th anniversary of the American train service known as Amtrak.

Throughout his tale, the President reflected on his past friendship with one of the conductors who worked for Amtrak, Angelo Negri, with who he would often interact on every journey.

The President claimed that he would often travel by train during his time in the Senate and as Vice-President, even stating that the Secret Service had a disdain for his preference.

He then told a heartfelt story about how he would travel on Amtrak almost every weekend to visit his sick mother, while he was Vice-President in his fourth year.

However, this entire tale was packed full of lies and deceit.

Unraveling the lies

Let’s look at the first lie, concerning the conductor Angelo Negri. The way the President talked, it appeared like the pair had a very positive relationship whenever he traveled on Amtrak.

The President stated that Negri had congratulated him on reaching 1.5 million miles traveled on Amtrak when he was Vice-President.

However, this is impossible as, according to Fox News, Negri’s own obituary states that he retired from Amtrak in 1993, when President Biden was only Senator Biden.

This is when his story begins to collapse in on itself.

In the same section of the story, Biden mentions how he would travel on Amtrak every weekend during his ‘fourth or fifth year as Vice-President,’ in order to visit his sick mother, Catherine Eugenia Finnegan, which is when he claims his interactions with Negri would occur.

Unfortunately, Finnegan died in 2010, way before any travel milestone by the Vice-President was hit.

He stated that he would travel via Amtrak during his fourth or fifth as VP to see her.

This would place these traveling’s in and around the year 2013, 3 years after his mother passed.

So, that begs the question, why did the President lie about these stories?

Was it deliberate?

Or did he just not remember the details properly?

The latter would be less believable since the death of a mother is enough to stay with a person forever so they would remember the details.

Many on the right question the President’s cognitive ability and, unfortunately for him, he’s shown himself up once again.