Some politicians and their donors can’t stay out of trouble for five minutes, can they?

Well, many Democrat donors and politicians may be about to reap the rewards from the funding of the DNC.

Republicans have begun to call for an investigation into the Biden Administration, as several key players are believed to have financial ties with an electric bus company known as Proterra.

Proterra ties

The Washington Free Beacon revealed previously that energy secretary Jennifer Granholm held damming connections with the company, reportedly owning $5 million stock of the company, having previously sat on their board for 4 years.

Now, a new report has been released, revealing more Biden admin members and DNC donors have unsavory financial connections.

TWFB report ran over how Proterra merged with another electric company, ArcLight, at the start of the year.

However, the report revealed that Democrat party megadonors, Nicholas and Joby Pritzker, who are also relatives of former Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, hold close to 12 million shares in ArcLight before the merger with Proterra.

On top of this, Brian Deese of the National Economic Council also has financial interests in Proterra and ArcLight, as he holds $2.4 million worth of stock in the investment firm known as BlackRock, which invested in the Proterra-ArcLight merger.

The price of the stock in the Arc-Light company has drastically increased in 2021, rising by 50% since January.

These connections have now led to Republicans calling for an investigation to be conducted into the Biden Administration and their ties to these companies.

Republican response

Republican Representative Ralph Norman of South Carolina, who is also a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, is leading the calls for an investigation into the administration, especially into Secretary Granholm.

He stated that the people of America ‘deserved to understand the full extent of Secretary Granholm’s involvement with Proterra,’ whilst claiming that her stocks within the company are another ‘unfortunate’ example of high-profile politicians using their powerful positions for personal and financial gain.

He continued by saying that, given the President’s announcement of a new $2 trillion infrastructure plan which includes electric transport, the matter needs to be thoroughly investigated.

The belief is spreading amongst the GOP that these Biden officials and donors have been propping up companies such as Proterra for months as part of the climate change agenda, all to fill their pockets with more money.

President Joe Biden, alongside Brian Deese, took a virtual tour of the Proterra facility in April to promote the government’s interest in electric transportation.

On top of that, the State Department held a climate summit in April also, which was attended by Secretary Granholm and Proterra CEO Jack Allen.

The involvement of the Proterra organisation in government matters, whilst having government officials and donors holding financial interests, is incredibly troublesome to the basic functionality of the administration and must be investigated fully.