By now, everyone in nearly the entire world should be acquainted with Wokeism.

Being in the midst of a deadly global pandemic, that thankfully is starting to ease, the Wokeism plague has been slowing growing under the surface.

Once the Covid pandemic has been beaten, the Wokeism pandemic will hopefully face the same fate.

Wokeism, much like Covid, knows no borders, no businesses, no governments; it’s spreading everywhere and lockdowns aren’t going to stop it.

So, what will?

Well, only one thing can. We the People.

If we fight back against this plague, if we reject it fully to the core then, eventually, Wokeism will die a quick death, and common sense can finally be restored across the world.

The first casualty

The United States, unlike most other countries across the globe, is currently at the peak of its fight against Wokeism.

Unfortunately, Wokeism appears to be winning this fight thus far.

As Entrepreneur Helen Raleigh points out, the American healthcare system has become one of the biggest casualties of Wokeism, and the people are starting to suffer the consequences.

Raleigh states that some ‘woke experts’ in the healthcare profession are now arguing that ‘social justice concern’ must be one of the deciding factors in the Covid-19 vaccine distribution process.

This led to the CDC creating a ‘social vulnerability index’ when determining Covid-19 vaccine distribution.

Although the elderly are the most vulnerable to the virus, the new CDC index de-empathizes that fact, with some so-called ‘experts’ even suggesting that the older population should be allowed to ‘wither and die’ in order to ‘level the playing field.’

The Biden administration also showed symptoms of wokeism!

President Joe Biden announced a plan this week to help the hospitality sector get back on its feet after a devastating year.

This new plan will run through the federal Small Business Administration, a section of the federal government that is supposed to be ‘color-blind.’

However, due to the infectious nature of Wokeism, that is not the case.

For the first three weeks of this new plan, applicants will be prioritized based on gender and race, instead of urgency!

The administration released a list of priority groups that will be accepted into the plan, and be the first to receive help.

These groups include small businesses that are majority-owned by an individual or group including; women, veterans, and socially or economically disadvantaged.

The guidelines state that for an individual or group to be considered as ‘socially disadvantaged,’ they must have previously subjected to racial or ethnic prejudice or cultural biases due to their identity.

For an individual or group to be considered ‘economically disadvantaged,’ they must have had their ability to compete in the free market limited due to ‘reduced capital and credit opportunities’ when compared with other small businesses that are not considered ‘socially disadvantaged.’

These two examples prove that Wokeism is racism, and we need to fight back against it.

Wokeism is racist!

How do we fight back against a plague that is continuing to evolve by the day?

It’s simple, we follow the lead of states such as Texas and Florida, who have already begun to fight back against this new pandemic.

Recently, the state of Florida permanently banned Critical Race Theory from being taught in schools, a move which Texas looks to follow.

Other states are looking to ban transwomen from competing in female sports, a move which prospective California Governor, and transgender athlete Caitlyn Jenner, believes to be right.

Corporate America also looks set to turn the tide against Wokeism, with Coca-Cola beginning to rethink their stance on the issue, having previously given away to the Woke mob that despises Capitalism.

Across the United States, the fight against Wokeism has started to heat up, a fight that We the People have to win to become a beacon of light for the rest of the world as the plague of Wokeism grows by the day.