Representative Introduces Bill Prohibiting Critical Race Theory Training in Military

A House of Representatives member from Tennessee just introduced a bill that prohibits the U.S. military service academies from teaching Critical Race Theory. Green introduced the bill on Wednesday, citing that the academic movement only served to promote lies to America’s servicemen and women.

Green’s Contentions

Green is speaking from a position of expertise. In addition to being a graduate of the West Point Academy, the Republican congressman is also a veteran of the Iraq War. Green claims that the Critical Race Theory training promotes divisiveness within the military. Because of this, the mission of the U.S. military to fight is undermined.

Green is not the only member of Congress who feels that Critical Race Theory training needs to be eliminated. Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton also asked that the ideology be struck from the training at the Department of Defense. Cotton called the training “anti-American.”

Changes to Military

It is clear that the U.S. military has undergone some major changes in its underlying philosophies on a variety of issues. In addition to the introduction of diversity training, the U.S. Army recently released guidance allowing women to wear lipstick and men to wear clear nail polish. The Army also recently clarified its policies on breastfeeding and pumping while in uniform.

The Navy is also instituting significant ideological changes with the addition of four new controversial books to its official reading list. Included in the new recommendations are books about gender politics, anti-racism, and the ongoing issues in the criminal justice system.