Tucker’s Lip at the Forefront of a Recent Newscast

Tucker Carlson is no stranger to controversial discussions. However, it was his lip that was all the talk after the May 3 episode of his popular primetime news television program on Fox News. Viewers took to social media to wonder out loud what happened to Carlson’s lip. On the broadcast, it was clear that the conservative news anchor had an issue with this body part.

What Was the Lip Issue?

So what was it that was such a distraction to viewers? While Carlson never officially addressed the issue, many speculated that it was a cold sore or a split lip. It was only a few weeks ago that viewers noticed a similar issue in the same general area of his mouth. This leads many to think that Carlson may be struggling with some type of recurring cold sore issue.

Details of Broadcast

During the May 3 broadcast when the lip took center stage, Carlson spent a large part of his time on the air criticizing House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy. Carlson claims that McCarthy is engaging in unethical practices by renting an apartment from pollster Frank Luntz.

While Carlson has no proof, he said that McCarthy would be breaking House rules if he accepted a discounted rent rate from Luntz. Neither McCarthy nor Luntz has responded to the accusation.

Luntz is not a popular figure amidst the Republican Party as of late, mostly due to this opinion on vaccinations. The GOP expert said that the party is leading the way in vaccine hesitancy, holding up the rest of the nation from reaching the coveted herd immunity stage.