Throughout the past couple of elections, Maricopa County was the main battleground for Democrats and the Republicans.

Back in 2016, ex-President Donald Trump got 2.8% more votes than the representative of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, and according to the official election results, Biden won in Maricopa by more than 45,100 votes even though the GOP acquired most countywide offices including the treasurer seat.

The main reason why Republicans asked for an audit is that the Arizona margin of 0.3% by which Joe Biden won is the closest one ever.

The past couple of weeks were marked by the happenings at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix.

After a short break, hundreds of volunteers continue to hand count the ballots of the 2020 Presidential election.

In the meantime, President Joe Biden and his administration stated that the ongoing audit is against the federal laws and that numerous voters reported intimidation.

Despite the raised concerns, Arizona Senate authorized the Maricopa County ballot recounting.

A few days ago, a GOP member of the Arizona Senate, Karen Fann received a notice issued by the Justice Department related to the risk of ballots and election systems getting lost during the recounting procedure.

The letter states that the Republicans prevented state/local election officials to post security measures and protect the material.

The main issue that Biden’s administration and the Justice Department have with the Maricopa County audit is that it is happening in a facility that they don’t control.

Pamela Karlan criticizes Cyber Ninjas

The second note that Karen Fann got in that letter is regarding the Cyber Ninjas, a group that verifies whether the ballots are legitimate or not.

The Justice Department suggests that allowing members of that organization to knock on people’s doors and check whether they truly live at the addresses registered in the ballot is unallowable.

Pamela Karlan, one of the officials at the JD, suggested that Cyber Ninjas perform voter intimidation through physical visits and phone calls.

In the end, the letter asks the Arizona Senate to cancel the recounting or at least ensure that is performed by the federal laws.

Although the initial plan was to have the recounting of more than 2.1 million votes done by May 14 it seems that the audit will go for somewhat longer.

According to the AZGOP Chairwoman, Kelli Ward, Republicans don’t want to take any chances.

To make sure that the elections were fair and fraud-free the procedure will continue for as long as it is needed.