Who knew that electing President Joe Biden would be bad for the national economy?

Republicans did!

Who knew that electing a President Joe Biden would be bad for jobs and business up and down the country?

Republicans did!

However, it seems that some Biden voters are starting to wake up to the sad reality that they voted for after a jobs report published on Friday morning showed an extremely underwhelming recovery under the Biden Administration.

Who knew?

Republicans definitely did.

The great awakening

On Friday morning, one of the worst jobs report in the modern history of the United States was released, reflecting poorly on the amazing recovery that President Biden was supposed to be spearheading.

The report showed that only 266,000 jobs were added to the economy, despite the fact that the Biden Administration projected over 1 million jobs for his first 100 days.

This is even worse when the context is added; many states have begun to fully open up again, and businesses both big and small alike are practically begging for workers.

So why aren’t workers desperately searching for new positions?

The simple answer; the Biden Administration.

Biden and his associates decided it would be a fantastic idea to extend the unemployment benefits program that was set up at the start of the pandemic when businesses were literally not able to open.

Such a decision only makes sense in situations where circumstances do not allow normal functioning, however, in an economy that needs a speedy recovery and a rapid exit from a pandemic, it is difficult to find justification for such a move.

Workers have no incentive to get back to work if the government is giving them a paycheck without any labor, and the administration must’ve known that fact.

We all have to pay

The situation has gotten so dire that even the US Chamber of Commerce, who ran a campaign to get Biden elected, has turned on him.

They called for the immediate ending of the unemployment benefit scheme to allow Americans to get back to work after the publishing of the damming report.

Who could’ve seen this coming?

Oh yeah, the Republicans did!

Republican economists perfectly predicted what would happen to the economy and jobs if a Biden Administration took power, yet Biden voters paid no attention.

Now, we all reap the consequences for refusing to re-elect an administration who had an incredible record with the economy, instead deciding to elect an administration that cares more about identity than jobs and livelihoods.