Months have passed from November and the Presidential election, yet the talk about fraud and electoral controversies remains a hot topic.

The story refers to the member of the GOP, Liz Cheney, who might have teamed up with the Democrats to prevent the ex-President from performing further actions against the 2020 election results.

It all started when Eric Edelman revealed that she orchestrated a media campaign requesting the support of former defense secretaries and her father Dick Cheney, a former vice president, known for his often alienations from leading Republican figures.

What were Liz Cheney’s motives?

The interview in which Eric Edelman talked about the media campaign against Trump was reported by the New Yorker.

According to the article, Liz Cheney arranged an op-ed from all the living defense secretaries to stop Trump with his election fraud rhetoric.

The report suggests that her main motive was to prevent the politicization of the military.

The news spread fast and soon after Twitter was hot with posts regarding how Leon Panetta (a former defense secretary) suggested that someone close to the former Vice President, Dick, orchestrated an op-ed.

It’s not the first time Cheney has turned her back on Republicans

It is not the first or the last time that Liz Cheney did something that is against the former administration and most of the Republicans.

Just a couple of days ago, Washington Post published an op-ed through which Liz criticizes Kevin McCarthy, a House Minority Leader, accusing him of changing his mind about Trump and the Capitol riots.

On the other hand, McCarthy suggested that GOP’s patience for her actions is running out and that while no one can dismiss her for how she voted during the impeachment, most Republicans wonder whether she is fit for her position.

It seems that McCarthy and other members of the party agree that if she moves further with her actions there is no chance that she will keep the conference chair.

For the past couple of occasions, Kevin McCarthy saved Liz Cheney from the wrath of other Republicans, but it seems that the scenario will not repeat.

The public statements and the inside reports suggest that Liz Cheney is seen as a burden rather than an advantage and that her obsession with President Trump and her constant efforts to ‘bury’ him severely endangered her position.