Many voters in America may not know much about the developing Hunter Biden story regarding his dealings with Chinese businesses, mostly due to media efforts to bury the story through the 2020 elections, fearing it may swing votes away from current President Joe Biden, Hunter’s father.

However, a new report released by The Daily Mail has dropped a bomb on the whole situation, after more information from Biden’s laptop was made available.

The report reveals a never-before-seen insight regarding Biden’s relationship with Chinese businessman Patrick Ho and the Chinese state.

Patrick Who?

The Daily Mail’s report reveals a lot that was unheard of before, so let’s dive in.

In 2017, Hunter Biden went into a new business venture with Chinese businessman Patrick Ho, who was the Secretary-General of the Chinese conglomerate CEFC.

President Biden’s brother, Jim Biden, also held involvement in the new venture.

Why is this significant?

Well, CEFC is a pretty important energy company for the Chinese state, to the point where they hold close ties with Chinese President Xi Jinping, after they contributed highly to Xi’s Belt and Road policy.

The report also notes that US intelligence services were surveilling Ho as a potential threat, with Hunter Biden even labeling him as the ‘spy chief of China’ in uncovered recordings hidden on his laptop.

Ho was later convicted and sentenced to 3 years in prison after the emergence of a multi-million-dollar scheme to bribe major African leaders through Chinese UN contacts.

Ho’s conviction led to a collapse for the business venture in November 2018, having been sentenced a year prior.

The Chinese relationship

Throughout the business venture, and despite Ho’s eventual arrest and conviction, Hunter Biden kept the majority of his Chinese contacts, including his Chinese-American assistant JiaQi Bao, who was assigned to him at the beginning of the venture.

Specific details regarding Biden’s relationship with Bao aren’t fully known, however, according to the Mail report, she would often send him flirty text messages whilst encouraging him to withdraw money from the accounts of the joint venture.

Before the venture collapsed, Bao advised Biden to ‘keep as much money as he can’ for his own benefit.

The report also states that she sent him research regarding Joe Biden’s opposition throughout his 2020 presidential challenge, as well as telling Hunter to encourage his dad to make his initial run, even giving him information that would shine the former President Donald Trump in a negative light.

However, the information passed off regarding Trump was basically useless, as it tried to tie Trump to Chinese businesses as well as claiming that he was perfectly fine with China’s human rights abuses, both points that are easily disprovable.

The important take away from the report is this; the President’s brother, Jim, financially benefitted from this venture, with his consulting firm Lion Hall Group receiving $76,000, and the President’s son, Hunter, received information regarding Joe’s political opponents from a shady Chinese source with close ties to the Chinese state.

Hunter is currently under federal investigation for his dodgy dealings abroad, all the while claiming it’s only due to his taxes.