The latest White House press briefing got a little heated over the weekend after Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson questioned Press Secretary Jen Psaki about President Joe Biden’s work rate and members of his administration.

She asked the press secretary what she would say to those who believe that this administration is really just the third term of the Obama administration after President Biden appointed numerous former Obama officials to key positions with his government.

She also questioned the work rate of the President, after Vice-President Kamala Harris has taken on a larger than expected role within the administration.

Safe to say that Psaki did not react well.

The exchange

Psaki appeared visibly shocked when the question was asked of her, which should come as no surprise really, the only surprise was the fact that she didn’t have to circle back to give Robinson an answer.

She immediately demanded that the reporter tell her who specifically was making these claims, presenting the hit back question in a snarky tone.

Robinson kept her composure, telling the press secretary that it was a theory that had been circling around some media outlets for a while, however, she was met with a few concealed sniggers from other journalists in the room.

Psaki continued to demand the names of those who pushed this theory before Robinson listed off the reasons why she asked the question.

She cited the fact that Vice-President Kamala Harris had been the first member of the government to meet with the Japanese Prime Minister and the Canadian Prime Minister, a role that the President would usually undertake himself.

Psaki rebuffed this idea, stating that the President has had conversations with many world leaders and even had dinner with the Japanese Prime Minister.

She went onto state that it should be no surprise from Vice-President Harris to also be engaging with foreign leaders.

President Biden is set to spend another weekend away from the White House by retreating to Camp David, having spent last weekend visiting the Carter’s.