The audit currently taking place in Maricopa County, Arizona, has been a long and grinding process that dates back all the way to November 2020, a mere few weeks after election day.

The Democrats attempted to stall the process and even sent close to 100 of their own lawyers down to the county to put a stop to the audit after the Republicans in the Arizona State Senate demanded a new one.

The former President Donald Trump and his team pushed their theories regarding electoral fraud after President Joe Biden was confirmed as the victor, which prompted many audits up and down the county, however, a recently resurfaced testimony from a witness in the county has drawn eyes back onto the issue.

The testimony

On November 30th, 2020, Jan Bryant testified to the Arizona state legislature as an electoral witness.

Jan, who has a strong background in project management, stated that she could not believe her eyes as she worked for 6 days, counting ballots for the Maricopa County elections.

She testified, under oath, that Dominion employees were the ones who were running the tabulation centers, instead of the county election officials.

She claimed that officials, nor anyone from IT, were able to access any of the software or equipment.

In her testimony, she stated that two Dominion employees, known as Bruce and John, were the ones running the show.

She claimed they were the ones that trained the adjudicators and they were the ones that filed the reports.

Bryant stated that, given her background, she never expected to see the center being run this way.

She continued, declaring that she had been chosen to partake in the random ballot selection for manual audit.

Yet, she discovered a shocking revelation.

The 2% hand audit, which was supposed to be randomly selected, wasn’t random at all.

She claimed that the Dominion employees ran the reports on the random audits, meaning that they had chosen the ballots themselves and that they hadn’t been picked at random.

Jan concluded her testimony by discussing the security of the tabulation center.

She stated that one of the employees, John, would often bring in and work on a laptop in a room that was behind a glass wall, where most of the equipment had been set up.

She claimed that the room had close to 50 desktops set up, all with USB ports on the side.

She finalized her statement claiming that she now gets very angry whenever politicians talk about how secure the election was, as what she witnessed in her tabulation center was anything but secure.

Jan’s testimony got buried amongst the media claims that absolutely no electoral fraud had occurred and that everything was fine.

Based on her eyewitness account, the election in Maricopa County was anything but safe secure.