Under the Trump Administration, if an order had been given to deport some illegal alien, that alien could not legally be issued a work permit. Trump officially promulgated the rule last year.

But now, under the Biden Administration, that policy has been rescinded.

This is just one more in a long series of quick moves by the Biden Administration that have been designed to make things look as if the Trump presidency more-or-less never happened. Of all the areas where this has been the case, however, immigration policy is undoubtedly where the differences between the two presidents are the starkest.

Biden Grants De Facto Amnesty

During his campaign for president, Biden announced that he would be willing to grant amnesty to all of the millions of illegal aliens who are already present in America.

Undoubtedly, this declaration encouraged yet more of them to come to the country, which explains the emergence of migrant caravans that formed shortly after Biden became president and the current humanitarian crisis at the border.

Now, Biden seems to be taking the first steps toward making good on this promise. Given how many illegals cross over into America in search of work, allowing even those with outstanding deportation orders to be issued work visas amounts to a de facto amnesty.

Biden’s Administration justified its reversal of Trump’s policy by saying that not issuing work permits to those who were set to be deported “would impose exorbitant costs and burdens on U.S. employers related to labor turnover.”

However, Jessica Vaughan, an analyst for the Center for Immigration Studies, had this to say about the old Trump policy and its reversal while speaking to Breitbart News:

“Most Americans would be astounded to hear that in 2019, the government issued more than 25,000 work permits to those who have been ordered removed by an immigration judge. These are often criminals who can’t be deported because their home country refuses to take them back… We expect the Biden Administration to use the work permit authority to the maximum extent possible because it’s a de facto amnesty that is easier than trying to get an amnesty bill through Congress.”

If this analysis of the situation is correct, it would certainly fit with Biden’s technique of ruing by fiat and through executive orders.

And so, we have a situation in which illegal aliens, by the millions, are being rewarded with one-year work permits while an estimated 16.4 million Americans remain jobless — almost entirely as a result of the coronavirus lockdown policy that is favored by the Biden Administration and by blue-state governors and Democratic mayors around the country.

A more topsy-turvy world can hardly be imagined. If this doesn’t make it clear that America’s elite hates the population it rules over, nothing will.