The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has been making a name for himself over these last few months, as he continues to put the needs of his citizens over the wants of the CDC.

Now, he’s going one step further, after he announced in a press conference that his administration will be taking the CDC to court over one of their recent rulings.

This isn’t the first time the Governor has taken bold action like this, and it definitely won’t be last, as he continues to raise his stock as a potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate.

The case

In March 2020, the CDC issued a ‘no-sail order’ against all cruise ships in US waters, and the industry has been closed ever since.

In the state of Florida, as a popular cruise starting point and destination, this had led to thousands of jobs being lost.

The industry is desperate to set sail once again, however, the CDC is making that impossible with their latest ‘guidance’ on the matter.

CDC issued readings on how cruise ships and staff are able to reduce the risk of spreading Covid, without actually allowing them to get back to work.

Earlier in the month, they stated that cruises will be able to commence once again but they failed to offer a date as to when this would be allowed to happen.

How ironic is that?

Setting out guidance as to how an industry can reduce Covid risk without actually allowing said industry to open!

That was all the ammunition DeSantis needed to fight for his citizens.

In a press conference on Wednesday, the Governor stated that his administration is taking the CDC to a federal court to resolve the matter.

The presser

DeSantis announced the administration’s lawsuit against the CDC is going ahead in his press conference on Wednesday, where he stated that it was ‘vital for the economy’ that cruises are to be allowed to resume.

He reiterated his previous points on the matter that the current guidance given by the CDC is ‘unfair’ and makes no sense, a sentiment that many up and the down the country will be able to agree with.

He reflected on the original announcement of the lawsuit in a press conference he held in Miami, where he made the announcement in front of a ‘bunch of folks’ from the dying industry.

He stated that a woman came up to speak to the crowd.

She said that she and her staff were told they only had to be closed for two weeks, before stating the toll that Covid had on her community, claiming that the majority of deaths that occurred within her community were not from Covid, they were from ‘despair.’

DeSantis focused on this point, stating that countless lives have been lost as a result of people turning to substance abuse after having their livelihoods shattered.

He stated that the decisions of the CDC have detrimental and sometimes irreversible consequences to so many lives, accusing them of ‘not having the authority’ to make the decisions they are currently making.

He rounded off the briefing by picking out some bad examples of the CDC’s actions and guidance, such as the insistence of masking up kids at summer camps, an act he labeled as unscientific and political.

All in all, states like Florida and Texas have been incredibly lucky in the latter stages of the pandemic, as their Governors are willing to put the needs of their people over the wants of the CDC.

Well done Governor DeSantis, the people of Florida will remember these simple acts.