In Portland, BLM and Antifa are essentially allowed free reign to do as they please by authorities. It appears that no matter what crimes and other outrages the members of BLM and Antifa commit, the authorities there will not arrest them or charge them with any crimes.

And why? Because the city government in Portland agrees with what these left-wing extremists are doing.

In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to think of BLM and Antifa as the shock troops of Portland’s left-wing government. The government looks the other way and allows the members of these groups to do as they like precisely because it knows that allowing leftist criminal gangs to run amok will shift society to the left.

However, as a recent incident in Portland showed, this disgusting behavior can have some severe consequences.

BLM and Antifa are now pulling guns on motorists.

BLM and Antifa Escalate Things Further

BLM and Antifa are well-known violent groups. Members of these organizations have participated in riots, have attacked conservatives without provocation and have a habit of marching through cities — the cities that tolerate them, anyway — like they own them.

On Thursday, May 6, BLM and Antifa escalated things to a truly dangerous level. While holding a rally in support of a gang member who was shot by police in 2018, BLM/Antifa blocked off a number of streets and cordoned off areas. As we’ve seen in places like Seattle — and now, also in Minneapolis in the area where George Floyd died — these people have a habit of creating “autonomous zones.”

As white motorists attempted to drive through the area, they were confronted by these lunatics and screamed at. Some even pulled guns on the motorists and threatened them, as can be seen from the video that was taken at the scene.

In yet another incident, a driver, in fear for his life, pulls out his own gun on the terrorists. There are even reports that he was beaten and held against his will. Some of the violent left-wing domestic terrorists at the scene appeared to be holding rifles that look like either AR-15s or AK-47s. In more videos taken at the scene, gunshots are clearly audible. The back window of the driver’s car was destroyed, and his tires were flattened.

When Portland police finally showed up at the scene, they discovered that the driver had had his cars, keys and gun stolen. BLM/Antifa also falsely claimed one of the drivers attempting to get through the area had run one of their members over with his car.

When ordinary citizens are beset on all sides by mobs of violent lunatics and by a government that not only refuses to protect them, but that actually persecutes them for attempting to defend themselves against the violent lunatics, this is as clear a sign of the breakdown of civilization as any can be.

Unless things change drastically — and it’s not clear how they can — the ordinary citizens of Portland will have no choice but to flee the city in droves.