House Speaker Sends Out Embarrassing Tweet

In an embarrassing gaffe, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi accidentally sent a birthday greeting using the wrong picture. Pelosi tweeted the greeting to baseball legend and Civil Rights activist Willie Mays. However, the picture that accompanied the message was not a photo of Mays and Pelosi. It was instead a picture of Pelosi and Willie McCovey, another iconic baseball player and Hall of Famer for the San Francisco Giants.

Birthday Wishes

Pelosi probably meant well when she sent the famous baseball player a birthday greeting. The message contained all of the right words, praising Mays on his 90th birthday for his contributions to the sport of baseball, to youth sports, and to the Civil Rights movement. Pelosi has over 7 million followers on Twitter, meaning that this mistake was broadcasted to a wide audience.

Honest Mistake?

Supporters of the Democratic representative from California may argue that it was an honest mistake. After all, both men share the same first name and were also legendary baseball players during their time. They are also both important to the state of California.

However, critics of Pelosi point to this mistake as being just another example of her thinking that all Black people look the same. This is typical of Democrats to preach anti-racist rhetoric while conveying different feelings through their actions.

Pelosi’s office blamed the mistake on a staffer, saying that both pictures were taken with the two men at the same event. The wrong photo has since been removed from Twitter.