Republican Governors Issue Letter Criticizing Biden’s Handling of the Border Crisis

A group of 20 Republican governors released a letter on Tuesday detailing how the policies of President Joe Biden have made the border crisis even worse over the last few months. The official letter blasts Biden for what the governors call a “self-created” problem.

Details Behind Letter

The 20 GOP governors represent some of the party’s most respected leaders. The letter was signed by some of the country’s most popular governors, including Arizona’s Doug Ducey, Texas’ Greg Abbott, South Dakota’s Kristi Noem, Georgia’s Brian Kemp, Arkansas’ Asa Hutchinson, and more.

The letter asserts that the recent policies enacted by the president and his administration have worsened a variety of issues in the U.S., including the war on drugs, crime, and the humanitarian crisis caused by escalating immigration. The governors also argue that problems that were once just relegated to the border states have now infiltrated every corner of the nation.

Biden’s Policies

Biden has been much more lenient than his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, in who he allows to cross the border from Mexico. As more migrants are allowed to enter the country, they have brought with them a host of humanitarian issues.

The letter points out that Biden’s decisions have increased the number of adults and youths crossing the border.

In addition, the lack of control at the border has contributed to an increase in drug smuggling. For example, according to Customs Border and Protection (CBP), there has been a 233% increase in fentanyl seizures when compared to January of 2020. This exponential increase has only served to worsen the country’s opioid epidemic.