President Joe Biden and the Democrats like to boast about the success of the vaccination program in the US and how the previous administration would have come nowhere near to their landmarks.

Which, in fairness is true.

The Trump Administration wouldn’t have done what the Biden Administration has done, they wouldn’t have created crisis after crisis, and then pin the blame on somebody else.

However, they would’ve matched or even better the vaccination program, as it was President Donald Trump’s ‘Operation Warp Speed’ that made it entirely possible, and he’s had a few things to say about our current President.

In his own words…

President Trump, when commenting on comparisons between President Biden and former President Jimmy Carter, stated that they were actually being unfair to Carter!

He stated that Carter, during his presidency, would often mishandle the crises that his administration faced, whereas Biden is not only mishandling them, he’s also creating them.

He then went onto list the current crises that President Biden has directly created and then mishandled, including the ‘Biden Border Crisis,’ the ‘Biden Israeli Crisis,’ the ‘Biden Economic Crisis,’ and finally, the newly created ‘Biden Gas Crisis.’

Trump then argued that President Biden has had the worst start to his presidency in history, before claiming that, one day, future disasters under future administrations will be compared to the Biden administration.

Quite a hallmark to set.

So, let’s talk about crisis!

Let’s face it, President Biden hasn’t had the greatest start that we were promised, has he?

He and the Democrats can butter it up as much as they want, but there’s no use arguing against the facts.

On his first day in office, he set the groundwork for the border crisis, after he signed numerous executive orders to repeal various Trump border policies, all of which were successful in keeping traffic at the southern border to a minimum.

Now, the border and the states surrounding it are in chaos, as hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants flock in every month.

The President then played a hand in the ongoing crisis in the middle east, as Israel and Palestine enter yet another conflict, with neither side letting up.

President Trump cut aid to Palestine and brought Israel to the negotiating table to bring about peace in the region.

Now, under President Biden, after reinstating aid to Palestine, the middle east has entered another period of violence, with the two states engaging in deadly aerial assaults.

Then there’s the economy.

The President needlessly extended unemployment benefits, right after numerous states such as Texas and Florida were beginning to open back up again.

He kept schools closed, forcing many parents to decide between looking after their children or going to work.

These two actions led to yet another surge in unemployment numbers, as nobody is going to go to work if they know they can get paid for sitting at home.

Companies are begging for workers, yet the Biden administration offers no incentive for Americans to get back to work.

And now the Gas Crisis!

You would’ve thought by now that the administration has learned their lesson and that they would be able to stop concocting crisis after crisis. Yeah…no.

Americans are now undertaking a new problem, with gas shortages and gas prices on the rise.

Under President Trump, America very nearly reached energy independence for the first time ever.

However, under President Biden, these hopes have dwindled out into a lost memory.

The gas shortages and price increases are partly due to the Colonial Pipeline cyber-attack, which the President obviously had nothing to do with.

However, he falls short on this issue, after he failed to introduce true infrastructure plans in his infrastructure bill, not to mention his endless attacks on the industry, such as the shutting down of the Keystone XL Pipeline on his first day in office.

Not only are gas prices rising, but consumer prices are rising too, by a whopping 4.2%, the largest surge in prices since 2008.

That’s the cost of inflation for you.

Oh, and to make matters worse, rather than work tirelessly to find a solution to all of these crises, journalist Katie Pavlich reported on Wednesday that the President called it a day at 3:34 pm…