California Governor Gavin Newsom has been under a tremendous amount of pressure as of late, made even worse after the campaign to trigger his recall in the upcoming state elections succeeded.

Newsom now faces heavy competition for his job, including reality star and transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner, who is running in the race as a Republican.

However, Governor Newsom’s plan to win back the faith of the Californians and defend his position has been revealed, and it is a very interesting plan, to say the least.

The record

Governor Newsom doesn’t have the best record in the Golden State, hence why he is now facing a devastating recall.

It was a very long time ago when Newsom last held a somewhat moderate position in the office, when he opposed Jerry Brown’s $100 billion slow-speed train project.

However, this is when his career began to spiral, and he started to flip-flop on many key issues.

Members of Newsom’s team eventually confirmed that he was actually for the money-waste project, and thus triggered a long list of mistakes from the Governor that may well lead to the end of his political career.

Newsom and the Democrats have failed to achieve anything positive for the people they are supposed to represent, and holding a supermajority in the state Senate, all they seem to do is pass higher taxes and new regulations on the people of California.

All new issues that Newsom himself signed into law.

After this, the Governor decided it was best to send billions of dollars worth of unemployment benefits to prisoners and illegal immigrants residing in the state, citing Covid as his reasons for doing so.

He then backtracked, claiming that they forgot to keep track of the money…. Really?

As a result of these policies, mistakes, and the endless lockdowns that followed, close to 180,000 residents of the state felt it was best to up sticks and leave, to find a better life elsewhere.

All 180,000 were supremely let down by the Governor.

The plan

However, Newsom has a plan to win them all back, to win back his lost votes, and to win back the faith and trust of the Californian people.

How does he plan to do this?

By giving them their own money back!

That’s right, Newsom’s grand plan to win more support before his recall is to bribe the citizens of the Golden State into voting for him, by chucking them each a $600 check if he wins the recall.

This is the same Governor who has imposed tax hikes since he first took office, and then subjected citizens to strict lockdowns throughout the course of the pandemic.

Yet, this comes at a good time for the Governor, as tax revenue has been pouring in over the last month or so, he is now willing to give some of it back if Californians are willing to give him his job back.

If he wants to win the support of the people, all he has to do is allow them to live their lives again, get back to work, and give them a tax cut so they can take home more money.

It’s that simple.