Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar, a member of the notorious, far-left section of the House Dems known as ‘The Squad,’ has come under heavy criticism from a fellow Democrat over her comments regarding the situation currently breaking out in the middle east between Israel and Palestine.

Former New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind went absolutely mad at Omar on Twitter, after she labeled the actions of one of America’s closest allies as an ‘act of terrorism.’

The exchange

The fiery response from Hikind, who is extremely pro-Israel, came on Twitter after Ilhan Omar posted an inflammatory tweet regarding the sensitive situation in the region.

Omar has made numerous anti-Semitic comments before, but this one really did take the cake.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Hamas terrorist groups, who currently have control in Gaza, bombarded the state of Israel with close to 600 rockets since Monday, with over 130 of those being fired in less than five minutes after it all kicked off on the ground in East Jerusalem.

According to the Israeli Defence Force, one of these rockets directly hit a school bus and killed multiple children.

In turn, Israel retaliated within their right to defend themselves and their citizens, so they fired missiles into Gaza in order to take out key Hamas targets.

Omar labeled this act of self-defense against an anti-Semitic terrorist organisation as terrorism itself!

She claimed that Palestine is incapable of defending, yet Hamas seem very capable in their actions to bombard Israel with rockets every night in the past week.

If it wasn’t for Israel’s Iron Dome, thousands of Israeli’s would have lost their lives.

Understandably, upon seeing Omar’s anti-Semitic tweet, Hikind went mad, tweeting back a very angry and passionate response to the Representative.

He replied with a video of an armed Israeli police officer having to protect an Israeli citizen from a Palestinian lynch mob after they threw stones at the Israeli’s car to force him to crash and abandon the vehicle.

He then produced to tweet a thread that offered a new perspective regarding the violence in Israel, far different from what the left-wing media has been portraying, showing videos of rockets raining down in Israel.

One of the videos included a senior Hamas official calling for all Palestinians in Jerusalem to ‘buy 5-Shekel Knives and cut off the heads of the Jews.’

He ended his thread by tweeting a screenshot of Ilhan Omar’s name trending alongside Hamas.

Omar is a known anti-Semite, and the fact that the DNC allows her to continue in her position is disgraceful, even more so than ever after she openly attacked one of America’s closest allies in their time of need.