Cast your mind back to the glorious days of President Donald Trump, where the economy is booming and common sense is still at its peak.

Now, imagine that Trump is holding a press conference, and he tells a little white lie in order to make one of his proposals look even better than it would’ve been.

What would the media reaction be?

Absolute meltdown, days of end-to-end coverage about how Trump is a liar, etc.

We’ve seen it all before.

Now, imagine that same situation but with current President Joe Biden, except he doesn’t tell a little white lie, he tells a bold, huge lie that even CNN, the flag bearers of his administration, feel the need to call him out on it.

Biden’s lie

Now, given President Biden’s declining cognitive ability, it’s difficult to know if he was deliberately lying when he discussed the reaction to his jobs plan last week because the truth of the matter is that he genuinely could’ve just got something so simple muddled up, in which case is he truly fit for office?

Anyway, the lie.

President Biden was speaking at a press event and talked up the support he supposedly had for his American Jobs Plan.

He mentioned that the 5 former Federal Reserve chiefs all supported his plan, citing that they believe it would cause great economic growth.

This is false and is a bare face lie.

It was that bad, that CNN’s own Daniel Dale had to fact check the claim on Twitter.

The truth

The first to get out of the way here is the fact that only 3 of the 5 former Federal Reserve chiefs that the President thought he was referencing are actually alive.

As pointed out by Dale, Biden wrongly described a Washington Post op-ed from 5 former leaders of the Internal Revenue Service, not from the Federal Reserve.

These 5 former leaders didn’t comment on how Biden’s proposals would impact the growth of the economy.

It’s hard to understand how Biden could get the two mixed up, especially as one of the former FR chiefs is a member of his administration, Janet Yellen, is currently serving as the President’s Treasury Secretary!

The other two who are alive; Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan, did not match up to the President’s lie.

Bernanke stated that he has never spoken publicly about Biden’s job plan, whilst Greenspan, who is no longer in the public, did not respond to Dale’s request for comment.

So that begs the question, was this just an enormous mix-up by the President or was it a bare face lie intended to make his controversial jobs plan look good?