One of President Trump’s main arguments against Joe Biden was that he would be completely clueless in the event of a crisis. Some are saying that Biden has proven Trump correct time, most recently when one of the main gas pipelines in the entire country was shut down by hackers.

Five Days and No Action From Biden

The White House is said to be scrambling to come up with an appropriate response. For now, governors of four states have issued states of emergency as residents line up at the pump to buy gasoline. It only took four months to return to the gas lines of the Carter Administration. Now, the country looks weak and unprepared.

Many think that this is the most serious attack on U.S. infrastructure in history. Yet, the Biden Administration has been slow to make a plan to help states affected as they run out of gasoline. At one point, more than half of the gas stations in North Carolina were reported to be out of fuel. Even when the pipeline restarts, it may take weeks to fully resupply the Southeast with gasoline.

They Are Taking Notice in China

The entire incident has been disturbing as it reveals the depth of the Biden Administration’s incompetence in dealing with large-scale crises. The lack of a strong response shows foreign adversaries that the White House will flail around to deal with any challenges.

If two-bit hackers can bring the entire Southeast to a standstill, one could bet that they are taking notice in Beijing. In the meantime, Americans will continue to pay a high price at the pump before the country is resupplied with gasoline.