The state of Georgia has been a hot topic of conversation over the last month or two.

From new voting laws to county election audits, everyone’s been talking about Georgia and the 2020 election in the same context.

Now, a third item of business is to be added to the list, an item that may change the course of President Joe Biden’s first term in office.

Michael Daugherty, a man who is very familiar with the ins and outs of the so-called ‘deep state,’ is bringing a lawsuit into the state of Georgia which brings into question the results of their 2020 Senate runoff election.

Who is Michael Daugherty?

Daugherty is a man very familiar with these types of lawsuits, having battled one for years on his own some time ago.

He faced charges for years after patient information was stolen by hackers LabMD, a company he was involved in.

The criminals were supposedly imitating themselves as a cyber intelligence company in order to gain access.

However, LabMD denied posting the information or leaking it themselves.

After a thorough investigation, it was revealed that the Federal Trade Commission had involvement in the cyber-attack and that the criminals were just set up to cover their tracks.

Daugherty fought against the charges made against him and his company, successfully defeating them and influencing changes made to the FTC and how it treats citizens.

He then went onto release a book, ‘The Devil Inside the Beltway,’ which took an in-depth look at the whole ordeal.

The Georgia Case

Now, Daugherty has re-entered the public scene, going up against his greatest enemy yet; the Democratic Party.

Daugherty has brought forward a new case in Georgia, in order to discover what exactly occurred in the Senate runoff election in the state, a state that turned red.

He argues that the runoff was an illegal election on ‘many levels’ and that his lawsuit will call for a new election using paper ballots only, as required by Georgia law.

This is due to the fact that the case will investigate whether or not the voting machines used throughout Georgia met the required standard in the state.

He argues that, from what he’s seen, the answer to that question is no.

Daugherty isn’t arguing against a specific voting machine company like many conservatives do against Dominion, but instead, he is claiming that he has ‘objective evidence’ as to why the voting machines used in the runoff didn’t meet the state’s legal standards for voting.

His lawsuit was filed in late January, weeks before the runoff results were verified in February.

The Democrat-leaning law firm Perkins Coie is set to be defending against the case, prompting the belief that the DNC itself is greatly concerned that this case could go Daugherty’s way.

If so, the two Senators elected in the runoff will have their seats vacated, meaning the Senate will swing back to the Republicans until new elections can be held.

This is especially worrying to the Democrats, as the people of Georgia have had a taste of what far-left, Democrat rule looks like, so they may choose to elect two new Republicans in the election that would follow.

This would be detrimental to President Biden’s first term in office, as an already 50-50 Senate will swing back to the Republicans, no doubtedly frustrating the far-left, Democratic agenda.