In the wake of the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline, gas prices are spiking in various states across the country. Adding to the problem is Joe Biden’s earlier halt to work on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

And now, adding to the mess even further, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has threatened to close down yet another pipeline that runs through Michigan.

Democrats, possessed by green ideology, want to make Americans pay more for gas, and by extension, for all reliable and functional forms of energy. There are environmentalist ideologues who think that by enacting policies to raise gas prices, Americans will shift to using green energy sources. But again, since green energy is unreliable and doesn’t produce nearly as much as fossil fuels do, this is not likely to happen.

And since energy is important for virtually every other kind of economic activity, higher energy prices mean that Americans will become poorer all around.

It might seem insane that Democrats want to do this, but they do. The only thing they truly care about is their own power. How else do you explain Whitmer’s actions?

More Energy Shutdowns Looming

The pipeline is run by a Canadian company called Enbridge Energy. It transports as much as 540,000 gallons of liquefied natural gas and crude oil every day, and it runs from Canada and through the straights of Mackinac in Michigan.

Whitmer, however, has sued Enbridge Energy, and Enbridge has counter-sued in response. Whitmer has launched this suit despite the fact that even federal regulators, notoriously hungry after energy companies for even the smallest infractions, have declared it to be safe.

Beyond her own greed and her desire to cut into Enbridge’s profits, it seems that what’s motivating Whitmer is a Native American Tribe called the Bay Mills Indian Community, which considers the pipeline a threat to its fishing rights in the area.

Blue-collar workers and unions, long part of the backbone of the Democratic Party, are not standing for this. If Whitmer’s suit is successful and shuts down the pipeline, at least 1,500 total jobs will be lost, a quarter of which belong to Michiganders. Union members testified recently before Michigan House and Senate Committees against this move.

Of course, this is the same Gretchen Whitmer who has imposed draconian lockdowns on her own state, despite the loud protests of her people;

who has arrested business owners who are simply trying to run their businesses, who has traveled to Florida — which has essentially ended lockdowns — in defiance of her own publicly issued warnings, and whose husband was caught riding a boat in defiance of her lockdown order and then tried to get out of trouble by saying that he was married to the governor.

Rules for thee but not for me.