Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a vocal critic of the Biden Administration on almost every issue, has slammed White House Press Secretary for her answer regarding whether or not President Joe Biden will be providing assistance to Israel when replenishing their Iron Dome defense missiles.

The Press Secretary ducked answered the question, insisting that she is yet to receive a ‘preview’ of any additional assistance the US can offer.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has escalated over the past week, with the terrorist organisation Hamas firing close to 1,500 rockets into Israel since Monday.

The exchange

The exchange between the press secretary and the reporter came a day after Hamas fired over 150 rockets into Israel in the space of 5 minutes.

The reporter asked Psaki if the US is going to assist Israel in replenishing the munitions of the Iron Dome after they spent the last week defending against thousands of Hamas rockets.

This also comes after the administration confirmed they were continuing their humanitarian aid for Palestine, a move that was also questioned by the reporter.

Psaki stated that she did not have any information from the President regarding additional assistance being provided to Israel, one of America’s most important allies.

The reporter asked her to clarify her answer, to which she just gave the same response.

Cruz’s response

Senator Ted Cruz laid into Psaki for her side-stepping answer, after the one-minute clip was posted and spread around on Twitter by Republican page RNC Research.

Cruz called on President Biden to show ‘decisive presidential leadership’ by helping Israel replenish the Iron Dome.

He continued, laying into Psaki for her answer.

He stated that, not only was her answer a completely unacceptable response, it was also a disgrace for her position.

Cruz’s response is entirely justified as, without the Iron Dome, thousands of Israelis would have been killed.

Many argue that, with President Biden currently opting against helping Israel replenish the Iron Dome, he is condemning thousands of Israelis to death if their munition stores continue to deplete.