News has recently surfaced that Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, as well as some top members of her staff, took repeated trips on private jets to Florida, despite the fact that Whitmer herself had loudly and repeatedly criticized the state of Florida for its easing of COVID lockdown restrictions.

This is only one further case of hypocrisy in an already enormous mountain that the aggressively mediocre and deeply narcissistic governor Whitmer has accumulated over time. She has been happy to keep Michigan locked down in draconian fashion, persecuting and arresting small business owners for the “crime” of trying to work to support themselves and their customers. She has done this despite the fact that no discernible improvement in Michigan’s COVID case, hospitalization, and fatality numbers seems to have resulted from it.

The recent mess in Michigan over the Enbridge Energy pipeline is yet another stark example of Whitmer’s petty and vindictive “leadership.”

But in case we haven’t had quite enough ostentatious displays of arrogance and dishonesty, governor Whitmer has kindly decided to provide the world with yet another.

Now, at a recent press conference, Whitmer attempted to defend herself from accusations that she violated her own recommendations against travel to Florida when she flew there on a private jet by saying that at least she didn’t do so at taxpayer expense.

Whitmer Is Probably Lying

In March, Whitmer originally tried to justify flying to Florida in defiance of her own order by saying that she was going there to see her father and that she only took “a brief trip.”

But now, thanks to a report from the Detroit News, we know that when Whitmer flew to Florida, the Nicholson family of PVS Chemicals, the Moroun family who runs the trucking company Central Transport, and the Cotton family all use the plane that Whitmer used. The plane in question was a Gulfstream G280 and was operated by Air Eagle LLC, according to a source interviewed by the Detroit News.

Kyle Olson of Breitbart news was the one who yet again brought up these questions at the recent press conference. He specifically asked Whitmer to provide evidence proving her assertion that she did not pay for these private jet trips with taxpayer money. Whitmer, however, refused to provide this evidence, and Bobby Leddy and Tiffany Brown — Whitmer’s press secretary and communications secretary, respectively — also refused to provide any explanation.

The tinpot mini-dictator Gretchen Whitmer is probably lying about all of this. In a few month’s time, we can only imagine what else will be revealed about the extent of her corruption.