Cruz Slams MSNBC Host After Disparaging Comments

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz fired back at MSNBC host Joy Reid after the leftist talk show host compared him to a traitorous character in the movie “Django Unchained.” Reid’s attack on her Wednesday news program was in response to Cruz’s opposition of the For the People Act, a ploy by Democrats to overhaul the American voting system.

During the episode, Reid used the same language that President Joe Biden used when describing Georgia’s new voting laws, comparing them to Jim Crow legislation.

Cruz Responds

In response to the allegation that he was a racist, Cruz reminded Reid that it was this liberal condescension that is leading many Hispanic voters to move from the left to the Republican Party.

Cruz also tweeted that it was curious that MSNBC was fine with their hosts using racial slurs by referring to him as Stephen from the “Django Unchained” movie. This is certainly not the first time that MSNBC has stooped to the level of using racial slurs to insult those people that they do not agree with.

Democrats Going Too Far

Cruz has a point that the left is losing these minority voters because they are going too far in their efforts to appear woke. An abundance of data demonstrates that minorities are not supportive of how far to the left the Democratic Party is going these days when it comes to issues such as defunding the police and the implementation of the Green New Deal.

As a result, Democrats are losing this crucial minority vote, causing media personalities such as Reid to panic and lash out at conservatives like Cruz.