The Speaker of the House of Representatives in Congress, Nancy Pelosi, has used the COVID-19 pandemic once again in order to extend further the unprecedented unconstitutional proxy voting scheme.

Under the new extension, which amounts to an unheard-of act of political criminality and corruption, the proxy voting scheme will be allowed in the House by July 3, 2021.

The first-ever “proxy vote” since the US Congress was first convened 232 years ago was held last May.

Back then, Pelosi once again justified the “proxy vote” destruction of the American Constitution using the pretext of the coronavirus situation.

Proxy Voting - voting without a quorum

As a result, a total of 71 Democrats have voted “by proxy”, with one Maryland Democrat last year voting a total of seven times on a House bill on behalf of districts that he didn’t represent.

Last May, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) had to resort to a lawsuit to try to stop the shredding of the Constitution through the Democrats’ proxy voting scheme.

McCarthy pointed out that the Constitution stipulates numerous times that Congress is supposed to meet physically and have a quorum in order to pass valid legislation.

Back then, he famously described the proxy vote as a “dereliction of its duty by its members.”

However, the GOP leader’s lawsuit was subsequently struck down by a corrupt federal judge, enabling Pelosi to extend the illegal scheme twice already.

In her latest lawless extension of the proxy voting scheme through July 3, in a letter to House members, Pelosi argues once again that COVID-19 has caused “a public health emergency.”

She cites a notification by the Acting Sergeant-at-Arms consulted with the Office of Attending Physician.

Based on that, she has extended the illegal proxy vote unilaterally.

Last week, Pelosi declared she would require that House members wear masks on the House floor even though the CDC had said that fully vaccinated people did not need to wear face masks indoors.