Matthew DePerno, the attorney who represents plaintiff Bill Bailey in the Antrim County, Michigan, has seen his office broken into and his press conference venue canceling on him over threats, with both attacks seemingly designed to intimidate and silence him.

For several months now, DePerno and his client Bill Bailey have been spearheading the fight to expose large-scale voter fraud in Michigan’s Antrim County, a typically solid red constituency where more than 5,000 somehow switched from incumbent President Donald Trump to Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

DePerno has already received numerous threats, while Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s lawyer Erik Grill has been trying to get Bailey’s voter fraud case against Antrim County dismissed.

It was Michigan’s radical left Attorney General Dana Nessel who added the State Secretary as a defendant to the case.

DePerno was supposed to reveal a shocking discovery

According to Bailey’s lawyer Matt DePerno, his law office was broken into last Friday night.

After the police arrived at the crime scene, they established that nothing had been taken in what seems to be a sheer intimidation attempt.

DePerno had scheduled a press conference for Monday, which was supposed to be held at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFM) hall in Traverse City, Michigan.

The attorney had made it clear he had been planning to announce a shocking discovery about the voter fraud case in Antrim County.

On Sunday, however, a VFM representative called DePerno to notify him that the organization was unable to let him use their venue for the press conference after allegedly receiving threats.

As a result, the time and location for DePerno’s press conference was changed to 12 pm on Monday in the American Legion Post 35 at 1231 Hastings St. Traverse City, MI. 49686.

The voter fraud lawyer has shared his disappointment over the cancelation of his even by the VFM Hall in Traverse City.

Far left is doing everything to silence down DePerno

He sees that as the latest attempt to crackdown on free speech and his efforts to defend First Amendment Rights.

DePerno points out that it isn’t just those who want to hide the truth who engage in silencing attempts but it is now also those who don’t agree with you.

He lambasted the radical left for threatening the VFM to refuse him the venue for his press conference.

The attorney emphasized that the venue cancelation came on top of the fact that the mainstream media adamantly refuse to report on the Antrim County voter fraud case, which he describes as being among the biggest election stories in America.

The decision of the veteran’s organization to cancel his press conference due to threats appears to be designed to prevent even the local media from paying attention to the story.

DePerno was already threatened by the Michigan Secretary of State and several anonymous people to drop the voter fraud case, with the breaking into his office and the cancelation of his press conference seemingly the latest attempts by the far left to scare him off and silence him.