A common Republican argument made against the Biden Administration is that President Joe Biden is one of the weakest Presidents in American history, an argument he has started to prove right.

The Trump campaign and presidency were built upon putting ‘America first,’ making the nation as great as possible and putting the needs and jobs of American citizens above their competitors.

This evidently isn’t a stance that President Biden is fond of, due to his many actions since the start of his presidency.

On his first day, he ended the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, cutting 1,000 jobs immediately and eliminating the potential for another 11,000 jobs after construction.

Yet, his views on foreign pipelines are more favorable…for some reason.

The war of the pipelines

The pipelines that help edge America closer to the idea of energy independence, whilst creating thousands of jobs in the midst of a crashed pandemic economy, seem like a reasonable idea and solution.

However, President Biden thinks differently!

The President cited his reason for ending construction as part of his environmental agenda, yet once again, he has completely contradicted himself.

A report from Axios revealed that State Department plans to lift sanctions for the company Nord Stream 2 and their CEO Matthias Warnig, who is allegedly a very good friend to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This company is currently constructing the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, which will transport Russian-owned gasoline through Germany and into Russia, all to avoid passing through Ukraine, one of Russia’s greatest adversaries.

The project is nearing completion, with 95% of the pipeline already constructed.

Russians build while we… wait?

There was grave concern amongst many in the Administration regarding this project, with some fearing it could give Russia great control over the energy supplies in Europe.

Even in January, Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated his concerns.

He stated in his confirmation hearing that his goal is to prevent the completion of the ‘last hundred yards’ of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline.

Instead, his administration shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline, throwing 1,000 Americans into unemployment in the Covid economy, and destroying the potential for another 11,000 jobs being created.

Many believe President Biden took the decision to lift these sanctions as he didn’t want to upset Germany by forcing Russia to stop its project, another clear sign of the President embarrassing his nation on the world stage and showing how weak he is in the face of adversity.

He cut thousands of American jobs to appease his climate agenda, yet he is more than happy to allow America’s greatest enemy to strengthen its grasp on Europe.