The Biden family is very good at portraying a nice, friendly persona, a persona they have maintained for many decades.

However, after an intense debate in June 2019, Jill Biden let the cat out of the bag!

A week after the debate, a debate in which Kamala Harris questioned the then Vice-President Joe Biden’s record on race relations and segregation, Jill Biden let loose against her in a group video call, to which she told the then-Senator to ‘go f yourself.”

Handbags at the ready…

During the June 2019 Democrat Presidential debate, Senator Harris questioned Biden’s record on race and segregation, pointing out that he had opposed interracial busing during his time in the Senate.

The proposal was part of numerous plans to desegregate schools and integrate the white and black populous in the education system.

This exchange went viral after Harris exclaimed to the Vice-President that ‘that little girl was me’ when she mentioned the effects opposing busing would have had on black school children.

Jill Biden didn’t handle this exchange well after she blasted Harris during a group video call, a week after the debate.

She accused the Senator of labeling her husband as a ‘racist without basis,’ before abruptly telling her to ‘go f yourself.’

Luckily, Harris wasn’t in the call, but the comments were directed straight to her.

Harris exposed?

Harris was in the spotlight once again at the following Democrat debate at the beginning of August 2019.

After having another fiery exchange with Joe Biden, where she blasted his race record again and he blasted her justice record, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard went viral after she exposed the hypocrisy of the Senator.

The Congresswoman cited Harris’ record as Attorney General for the state of California, a record that Harris claimed to be proud of prior to Gabbard’s introduction.

She blasted the Senator for locking up 1500 black men for minimal marijuana charges, before stating that the Senator then laughed at a question that was posed over regarding if she had ever smoked the substance.

She then exposed Harris’ wrongdoing with an innocent man waiting on death’s row, accusing the Senator of blocking evidence that would’ve freed him ‘until she was told to do so.’

Harris didn’t have a great time in general at the debates, showed by her rather low finishing in the nomination race, yet she still accepted Biden’s offer to become his VP, despite previously labeling him as a ‘racist.’

One thing’s for certain, if the Republican Presidential debates are as half as chaotic as they were in 2015, then we’re going to be in for interesting viewing (and potentially in for the return of President Trump!)