Left-Leaning Media Continues to Promote False Narratives

The leftist media has been working overtime to portray a subpoena of a Trump-era Department of Justice (DOJ) as an abuse of power. However, the New York Times has come out and debunked this inaccurate portrayal.

Details of Subpoena Story

According to MSNBC, when the DOJ was led by former President Donald Trump, the department went after a parody Twitter account that allegedly irked Rep. Devin Nunes. Now the truth is coming out. Nunes had nothing to do with the DOJ’s subpoena. In fact, the threat was actually made to Sen. Mitch McConnell when he was still Senate Majority Leader.

Unlikely Reporting

The story of the scam was surprisingly reported recently by the New York Times. According to the story in the Times, the falsehood came from an investigation by U.S. Capitol Police looking into a threat to McConnell, not Nunes as was reported by MSNBC and other left-leaning media outlets. The Washington Post, New York Magazine, and Vanity Fair all jumped on the bandwagon to report the false narrative.

The Latest

The administration of President Joe Biden has since withdrawn the subpoena. In addition, Twitter has filed a motion to quash it. An attorney for Twitter asked that the court determine if the original subpoena violated the First Amendment. If so, it should be quashed immediately.

It should be noted that the latest story in the Times still leaves the door open that the Trump administration may have abused its power with the DOJ by intimidating those who did not support the former president and all of his allies in Congress.