Governor Gavin Newsom is currently the most popular figure in the state of California after a campaign group secured the right number of verified signatures to trigger his recall election on the next ballot this year.

However, his financial backers are sticking with him through this torrid time, with a Netflix executive, Reed Hastings, donating $3 million to the action committee that has been set up in order to prevent his inevitable recall.

The developments

According to a report published by Deadline, the $3 million donation made by the Netflix executive was reported to the office of the Secretary of State on Thursday and is the largest single contribution made to the ‘Stop The Republican Recall’ campaign.

The committee, which was launched by Governor Newsom himself back in March, is designed to defend his position upon the event of a recall election, which now looks certain to happen.

The recall election is yet to be officially confirmed, but a fall election date appears likely.

Upon the report of the massive donation by Hastings, The Associated Press released a report detailing the finances and the rules that both sides must adhere to when raising funds for their campaigns.

The report states that the incumbent is allowed to raise ‘unlimited funds’ through his own committee, whilst all other candidates that seek to challenge him on the ballot must align to contribution limits.

The report then details the overall finances received from Newsom’s committee, which includes $150,000 from Elizabeth Simons, who is the daughter of a billionaire, $150,000 from the Union of American Physicians and Dentists, $300,000 from the Southern California District Council of Laborers and $400,000 from the United Nurses Association of California.

Add on the shy $3 million from Hastings and Newsom has raised a whopping $4 million so far for his campaign. The ‘Stop The Republican Recall’ campaign also has some very high-profile endorsers, with Senators Bernie Sanders, Cory Brooker, and Elizabeth Warren all voicing their support for the Democratic Governor.

However, he faces some stiff competition for his position, with numerous Republicans now confirmed to be entering the recall race.

These include former U.S. Representative for California Doug Ose, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and former Olympic athlete turned transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner.